Want your CD or DVD collection made digital?

Want your CD or DVD collection made digital?
Want to have your movies / music on your tablet or cellphone?

Contact TeCHS today!



We will take your physical DVDs or CDs and make them into digital files so that you can take them with you wherever you go! No quantity is too small or too large – we am happy to do 1 or 1,000!

We output all DVDs as MP4 files and all CDs as MP3 or WMA files.


  • DVDs = $1.00 each
  • CDs = $0.50 each
  • +Plus the cost of a storage device (USB drive or external hard drive) if you do not have one.


Please note:

  1. We are not selling any movie or CD file that you do not supply a pre-purchased hard copy for.
  2. We do not have a library of movies or music to sell.
  3. We do not keep client movies or music after conversion.
  4. The time required to convert your library will depend on how many items you would like done. We can supply an estimated completion date once we know how many items you would like converted.
  5. The same goes for the external storage needed to get the digital files home to you. The more DVDs/CDs you would like converted = bigger storage we will need to transfer the files to. If you would like to purchase a storage device just for this project – simply let us know how many items you will be transferring and we can give you a good idea of how much storage you will need.
  6. If you do not have a storage device and do not wish to purchase one on your own, we can purchase one on your behalf and add it to your bill.


Please contact us with any questions!

We are located in Ventura and serve all of Ventura County.
Have a great day.


~Your TeCHS



Your Digital Life Simplified!

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3D TVs and 3D Gaming

Pretty much everyone now-a-days is familiar with 3D technology. At some point in our lives, we’ve all sat somewhere with those rectangular flimsy colored plastic glasses on, staring transfixed and bleary-eyed at a movie or TV screen as it seems to jump out at us. Universal Studios locations have taken the 3D experience to another level by adding other stimuli to the footage they are showing in 3D on their huge screens. Things like misting water, smoke, artificial smells, vibrating or moving chairs, superb sound and even live actors.

3D imaging has been around for a very long time, it dates back to the very beginning of photography around the year 1844. In 1935 the very first color 3D movie was produced, in the 50s there were a variety of 3D TV shows made to entice viewers into actually purchasing a television set for their home and in late February of this year 3D-ready TV sets finally begun emerging on the market. The only downside is that this technology still requires viewers to put on special “3D glasses” in order to see the video properly.

The entertainment industry is working hard to adopt a common and compatible standard for in-home 3D electronics to make sure frame rates are constant to avoid jittery pictures and that all of the glasses would work with all of the electronics. 3D movies are now more practical to produce and display which adds to the pressure behind the creation of 3D television standards.

So slap on those freaky glasses, plant yourself in front of the set and get ready to witness magic!


3D televisions and movies are all the rage right now… but it looks like it’s a quickly fading fad rather than the new standard in visual entertainment technology. Since the release of recent big budget films (like Avatar) did a great job of making 3D look spectacular and Television manufacturers have been gambling that 3D will be the next standard for TVs. The latest 3D film technology has blown doors off of anything that was done in the past but when older footage is re-done to be viewed in 3D the visuals look really awful, very boxy and flat – sort of the opposite of re-mastering it.

3D is, however, much better suited for the video game market rather than the movie and TV markets. Virtual cameras are much easier to control than real ones and with video games no one really expects everything to look 100% realistic. That’s why you see a few 3D games that look great, a few that look very good and none that really look bad at all. Time, space and physics are all approximations in video games and gamers have come to accept certain things that no one could away with in a movie; like not being able to “see” the windshield of the virtual car they are racing when their camera’s view is looking through it. It’s close enough and that’s just alright with gamers.
That sort of acceptance isn’t there when it comes to movies or television. If one frame is off or something seems to be missing from the scene people notice and they aren’t happy about it. Also, wearing 3D glasses to watch a full length movie can be rather disorienting for some people, making them dizzy or giving them a headache. Gamers are a lot more accepting of odd or even sort of stupid looking devices as long as they get to play their favorite games in a more realistic environment.

~Seth & Kim Ralph, TeCHS




Your Digital Life Simplified!

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