Online and Identity Safety in 2019

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As we start a whole new year – make sure that you keep your information, identity, and computer safe from criminals.

How can I keep my information safe in 2019?

  • Keep your computer’s spyware and antivirus software up to date and scan your computer regularly.
  • Make sure you have firewalls up and running at all times. Whether it’s the built-in Windows firewall, your router’s firewall or a 3rd party firewall software; or all of them in combination if you really want to make sure they are working.
  • Don’t share your passwords, credit card numbers, social security numbers or any other pertinent information with anyone.
  • Don’t write your passwords down anywhere someone could stumble upon them. It’s best if you don’t keep written records of your passwords, but with the amount of passwords people need now, it’s getting a bit more complicated to keep track of them all without writing them down.
  • Always be wary of emails asking for your personal or financial information. Don’t click on links or open emails that seem suspicious to you at all. Even one simple click can open your computer up to a criminal – installing malicious software and stealing your information. Never click on links in emails or links on web sites that you don’t know or don’t trust. If you get an email from “your bank” saying you need to log into your account right away for any reason, but you aren’t sure the email is actually coming from your bank then don’t click on any links in that email. Open a new internet browser, type in the URL yourself and then log in to your account and make sure everything is as it should be. If a link doesn’t feel right, don’t click it.
  • Keep an eye on your assets and your credit and check on everything on a regular basis. Make sure to report any odd or suspicious activity immediately. Switch over to paperless billing and statements. Pretty much everyone now-a-days offers paperless statements… banks, credit cards, house-hold billing companies. Having them all delivered to your email inbox instead of your physical address saves paper, postage and also eliminates the possibility of someone stealing your mail.
  • Never write your full account numbers on your checks when you pay your bills, especially when paying credit card bills, just write in the last four digits of your account number.
  • Always shred documents you do not need, don’t just throw them in the trash. Criminals do sift through your trash looking for pertinent documents.
  • Don’t broadcast that you are leaving town, or that you are out of town, on social networking sites. That is sort of like putting up a flashing neon sign over your house that says “no one is home and no one will be home for a while, so come on in and take what you want.” Wait until you return home from your trip to talk about it.
Worried something is amiss:
Immediately file a fraud alert on your credit report by calling Equifax (888-766-0008), TransUnion (800-680-7289) or Experian (888-397-3742). After you have filed your reports, make sure that you directly call the issuers of any credit cards that you feel may have been affected.
Need assistance?
Contact TeCHS! We can do a thorough check of your computer to make sure that you are free of viruses, malware, or spyware that could be sending your information to criminals.

~Your TeCHS


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2019 | Happy New Year

happy new year from your techs

Happy new year everyone.

We hope that 2019 brings you and your family tons of happiness, good health, and prosperity.

~Your TeCHS


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Your Digital Life Simplified! | (800) 669-2022

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Did you know that TeCHS offers gift certificates that are good for all of our services? Give your loves ones the gift of computer repair, technology tutoring, or graphic design this holiday season!

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TeCHS is your personal IT department
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Your Digital Life Simplified! | (800) 669-2022

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