How does tech improve your life?

I write a lot on this blog about all sorts of technology but I don’t hear enough about how tech helps YOUR life.


How does tech improve your life?

What technology do you use to make your daily life better?

What do your TeCHS use every day to make their lives easier?

In our home we have a dedicated entertainment center with a Smart TV, XBOX game console, a full desktop computer, and a Bluetooth enabled soundbar for “surround sound”. Next to that we have our Amazon Echo which is tied into our Smart Home system. That brings me to our Smart Home system… it allows us to monitor who comes and goes, when they do so, and it allows us to check on our home when we are away (I have a bad habit of accidentally leaving the garage door open – with our system I can check to see if I left the door open and, if so, I can close it remotely). We also have a full home camera system that I can check remotely on my cell phone.  The office is about the same.

We’d love to hear what tech is doing for you! Drop us an email or connect with us on social media (links below).

Thank you,

~Your TeCHS



Your Digital Life Simplified! | (800) 669-2022

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Third-Party Chargers Are Not Worth The Price

Third-party chargers for your smartphones and tablets seem like a good idea… but the majority of them are simply not safe.


The knock-off chargers are usually not insulated well enough to protect against electric shocks and most are not actually compliant with electrical safety standards. Using these cheap chargers can harm you (electric shock) and can start fires if they spark. Always be on the lookout for tell-tale signs of counterfeiting such as mistakes in brand names or logos, and check plugs for safety marks. Our suggestion = pay the larger price tag and make sure your chargers are originals from the manufacturer of your devices.


~Your TeCHS



Your Digital Life Simplified! | (800) 669-2022

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Happy 4th of July!


~Your TeCHS



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Your Digital Life Simplified!


June marks our 4-year anniversary doing business as TeCHS in Ventura County!

June marks our 4-year anniversary doing business as TeCHS in Ventura County!


Thank you all so very much for continuing to choose TeCHS to take care of your digital life and for sharing our services with your friends and family. We truly appreciate you.


Your TeCHS are Ventura, California natives with over 30 years of combined tech-y and artsy knowledge and know-how. We are fanatical about technology and about helping the 50 and better crowd use it in their everyday lives for their benefit and enjoyment. TeCHS is a small, family-owned, local Ventura County business dedicated to providing the most knowledgeable tech gurus, the best customer service and the most affordable prices in the county. We strive to be your “one-stop-shop” for computers, networks, tutoring, graphics, photography, printing and more!


  • Bachelor of Science from the University of Laverne in Organizational Management
  • Multiple certifications in computer repair, graphic design, studio production & web design


  • We are in your neighborhood and are there when you need us
  • We share common goals and interests
  • We are a small, local company that supports other local businesses
  • We give sound advice tailored specifically for your individual needs
  • We offer support and provide appropriate solutions for what you need
  • We make sure you know exactly what is going on at all times
  • Hardware & software tutoring
  • Computer & laptop repair
  • Cell phone setup & tutoring
  • Virus/spyware/malware removal
  • Networks & WiFi setup & repair
  • TV & TV peripheral installation & setup
  • TV wall mounting
  • Universal remote control programming
  • Email assistance & setup
  • Photography
  • Social media setup & tutoring
  • Graphic design & printing
  • and so much more! Check out our website for more services or contact us. If there is any service we are missing, and you need, let us know! We will do our best to find a solution to any technical issue you may be having.
We Specialize In Assisting The 50 And Better Crowd
No one should ever feel discouraged or afraid to use their technology. We specialize in patient, kind and at-your-pace tutoring. Let us help you learn to use your everyday life technology to its fullest! Not over the age of 50? That’s ok! We love to assist anyone of any age.

We Are Your Personal IT Department
We take care of you and your equipment! Don’t wait until there is a problem… regular maintenance prevents major problems and saves you time, money and frustration. We offer yearly service contracts to keep your equipment running at its best. Ask us about setting up a contract for your home or office today.

~Your TeCHS



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Your Digital Life Simplified!


Three tips to help you stay safe online

Three tips to help you stay safe online

Scammers are constantly increasing their fake emails and calls… Here are three really good ways to protect your identity and information online from criminals, scams, and phishing attempts.

  • Keep a clean machine: Keep all of your software up-to-date (especially operating system updates) on all Internet-connected devices to reduce risk of infection and malware. Check for updates regularly and make sure they are installed.
  • Use a better password: Improve your defenses on accounts by making passwords that you can remember and that are hard to guess. Passwords should use a combination of numbers, capital and lowercase letters and symbols. They should also be different for every account.
  • Passcode protect:  Every device ‒ laptop, tablet or smartphone ‒ should be protected with a passcode or password to prevent unwanted access if it is lost or stolen.

~Your TeCHS



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Your Digital Life Simplified!

Simple yet Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks

Simple yet Awesome iPhone Tips and Tricks

Make your iPhone more Secure:
Whenever someone tries to unlock your iPhone, they’re immediately forced to enter the password. This step helps to secure your phone data forever. One more awesome feature in this is clearing all your data after 10 failed attempts. If your feel your data is confidential, you can set an option to erase all phone data after 10 continuous incorrect password attempts. This simple step protects your iPhone if it is stolen or lost. But make sure you have a backup of your data!

How To Do It: Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock; you are allowed to set a 4 digit number as your password.

Getting back data from your Old Phone:
Did you buy a new iPhone? What about all of your apps, notes, contacts, Messages etc.? Want them to your new mobile? No worries, Backup and Restore will do it for you. If you’re trying to transfer data from the devices working with IOS 5 or higher, then the iCloud will do all of the work for you. No need to use iTunes and USB connection. You can transfer everything via Wi-Fi… But keep in mind that it takes a bit more time than via USB.

How To Do It: Connect your old iPhone to the PC using USB cable and open iTunes. At Left center you can see your device name, right click on it and select backup. Now connect your new iPhone, Right click and select Restore from backup restore-iphone.

Meet your New Friend SIRI:
It’s time to talk with your mobile. Have you ever tried SIRI? SIRI is full of fun and it really helps save time. You can ask SIRI to remember personal details like your name, your pet’s name, etc. Once you said all those things to SIRI, you’re done. From now, whenever you ask SIRI “Who am I” it says your name and some details about you. Apart from teaching, you can even learn from it. It can respond to your voice and search for anything what you need. From IOS6 SIRI has become even more talented. It can now open applications and also it is now capable to update your profiles on Facebook and Twitter.


~Your TeCHS



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Your Digital Life Simplified!

Social Networking; Be Careful What You Share Online

Ah, the internet.
The “anonymous, I can be whomever I want and no one will ever know” internet.

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Pretty much everyone now-a-days, from the very young to the very old (and even some people’s pets!), have at least one social networking profile, they are a member of at least one online forum, a blogger or a commenter on blogs and so much more that keeps them commenting and posting all of the intimate details of their lives all over the world wide web. The one thing most people don’t think about is how those posts can affect their real lives.

Somehow everyone seems to think that what they write, especially when using a fake/made-up user name, can’t be traced back to them. The internet is a wide open and easily sifted medium where pretty much anyone with the desire and know-how can find out more information about you than you would ever want them knowing. There are even quite a lot of people out there who are paid very well to find out exactly what you are, or have been, doing online… and they are very, very good at their jobs.

I see people constantly posting detailed things about where they are, whether or not they are at home, how long they will be gone, what their children are doing, what the rest of the family is doing, photos that generally shouldn’t have even been taken of all of the important people in their lives, photos of their houses and cars and finally the most damaging, information and photos of illegal or downright poor judgment activities. All of those drunken college parties can come back to bite you in the butt years later while looking for a job.

So, you have to ask yourself, who is looking at all of this information?

What does any of what you post have to do with life outside of the internet?

How about current or prospective employers?

Maybe you apply for a job and the employer does a quick search and finds out that the person who looked so good on paper (via a resume) they come to find likes to take illegal drugs, drinks heavily, parties on work nights, and generally makes very bad judgment calls in many areas of their lives? Do you think you are going to get that job you applied for? If you already have a job, don’t forget that at least one person at your company is looking over the information you are tossing all over the web.

What about someone who has something against you personally?

You anger a neighbor or ex-friend or ex-lover and they watch your profile for your posts about how much you are enjoying your vacation and that you will be gone for another few days… What about what your kids are posting?

What underage shenanigans are your kids involved in?

The “hide profile” button and other security features are actually quite easily circumvented and whatever you post on the internet is pretty much there forever. The only way to truly get rid of those photos or those posts is for the servers containing that information to be wiped clean or be destroyed. You may click that little “delete” button and feel safe… but I guarantee that information isn’t gone.

Don’t get me wrong, social networking isn’t all bad. If done correctly it can link people, companies and communities for mutually beneficial reasons. Just be smart about what you post online.

~Seth & Kim Ralph, TeCHS



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Your Digital Life Simplified!

Announcement : New Site Launch :


TeCHS is proud to showcase our latest website launch!


The very talented Malika teaches belly dancing and Polynesian dancing in her private studio in the Los Angeles area. Check out her new website for more information on Malika and her classes.

Kim, one of the owners of TeCHS, designed, put together and launched Malika’s site. For more information on Kim or TeCHS please visit our company website at

TeCHS : Ventura County, CA


Your initial technology consultation is always free! Contact us today.

Your local, personal TeCHS are committed to making your digital life easier! We install, support, service, repair, sync and configure all the digital aspects of your life.

We are more than just computer repair technicians, we help you select the right technology for your life and we will teach you how to use it.

We offer money-saving yearly service contracts to help you prolong the life of your technology as well as customizable gift certificates for all of our services.

Your carefree and well-connected digital life is our goal!


Our in-home services include (but are not limited to):

~Computers and WiFi Systems

~Virus, Malware and Spyware Removal

~Hardware and Software Tutoring

~TVs and Video Components

~Audio and MP3 Players

~Household Appliances

~Cell Phones

~Internet Phone Capabilities

~Mobile Email

~Hands-Free Devices

~Gaming Stations

~Photography and Video

~Social Media Development

~Web Site and Graphic Design

And so much more!

Contact us and let us know how we can make your digital life easier.

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